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Discover Your Naughty Side & Explore New Avenues of Raunchy Fun With Our Range of Sexy Role Play Costumes.

Looking for the perfect set of naughty girl outfits to fulfill your roleplay fantasies? Here you'll find a whole collection of sexy adult girl costumes all with their very own unique and raunchy style. Sexy costumes like these are hard to come by, as Leg Avenue Australia designs their costumes to not only appear sexy but also feel highly comfortable on the skin as we want all of our customers to be treated with high-quality products.

In this section, you'll find different varieties of both lingerie and standard sexy women's costumes. Lingerie role play costumes have the look of iconic role play characters such as sexy stewardesses and nurses, but offer a simpler more naked look to the overall design.

This section also features a huge range of characters and occupational-themed costumes that you're probably more familiar with. The Three-piece maid harbours the iconic and familiar look of a sexy luxurious maid with all the classic colours and appearance pieces you know and like. If you're looking for something a little more unique, then try the three-piece ninja, this addition will transform you into a kinky killer in no time, as it offers an incredible and highly detailed look, which can be paired up with a huge amount of costume accessories.

Browse through this section and find the costume piece you like. We have a huge and sprawling collection which will most certainly help you create your fantasy! 

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