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Your Bedroom Roleplay Just Got Sexier 

Bring life to your bedroom fantasy with Leg Avenues range of sexy role play costumes. Be the class nerd as a sexy school girl, steal some hearts as an erotic nurse, or clean house as a beautiful French maid. Shop for some roleplay costumes online and discover your erotic fantasy. We guarantee each and every one of our sexy role play costumes will transform your bedroom erotica into a whole new kinky experience.

Our collection is always growing larger, Leg Avenue Australia never shy away from erotic role play costumes Australia, and neither should you! A Unique roleplay experience is something that goes hand in hand with quality and sexy design. We implement high levels of erotic detail into our beautiful role play lingerie, so your unique bedroom experience can be taken to new and interesting heights upon donning our sexy range of themed lingerie. 

Our range of kinky roleplay lingerie and costumes are designed by professionals of the fashion industry. If you're going to indulge in some kinky roleplay themed lingerie accessories then you may as well go all out on style and overall quality. It's hard to match the overall style and quality of our range of women's fashion accessories. You won't find many additions that match our style and design, our collection of women's fashion accessories and roleplay additions are anything but bland. One of our erotic roleplay costumes are sure to turn up the kink in your bedroom roleplay. 

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