Start a Trend, With Our Collection of Women's Lycra Leggings

Sexy tights and leggings blended with high-quality lycra. Slip into one of our stunning pairs of lycra tights and flaunt your style. Choose from a large variety of different styles and additions spanning from black lycra leggings, fishnet industrial and various other sexy additions. Our lycra harbors resistant fibers, as its high-quality material will ensure your hosiery does not succumb easily to any form of damage. Leg Avenue Australia favours lycra which prevents scratches, rips and tears while enabling a high sense of quality. 

Wrap your legs with our additions of lycra leggings and experience the effect of our hosiery sculpting your leggings while making you feel incredibly comfortable and sexy. Our lycra collection can be worn for everyday uses, or as an additional fashion accessory to your sexy outfit. Pair up with some high heels or various other fashion items, our online store is home to high quality and sexy fashion accessories. Find the perfect combination and experience our vast collection of fashion accessories. 

Our additions of lycra tights are affordable, sexy and unique. Leg Avenue hosiery is designed in California, America by professionals of the fashion industry. We always include new varieties of tights and leggings which take up an erotic and unique style. Our online are constantly adding new themes and items to our collection. 


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