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Indulge in Our Collection of Burlesque Fashion Hosiery 

Add a sexy touch to your wardrobe, our range of burlesque style leggings and tights feature a vast array of beautiful designs. Whether you favour spandex, opaque or fishnet we offer a huge collection of burlesque hosiery all designed to bring out your legs sexiness. Browse through our online store and find the sexiest fishnet stockings and opaque tights on the market. We never shy away from the latest and most charming designs of fashion tights and leggings. We design our burlesque leggings to comfortably fit around your legs while giving you the option to stretch and bend freely. You can wear these additions for everyday wear or add them to a sexy outfit. Wear to the bedroom, or out and about, our burlesque leggings are perfect for showing off!

Slip into a comfortable and sexy pair of burlesque fashion tights. What better way to add an extra touch to your erotic outfit than with one of our sexy additions of burlesque style leggings. We have a wide variety of different additions and styles which are capable of making you look sexy. Our hosiery additions are designed to allow you to stretch and bend freely with a vast sense of durability and practicality in mind.

Flaunt your sexy figure, our collection of fashion tights and stockings will help surface your erotic presence. Add some burlesque tights to your wardrobe and add an extra layer of kink to your appeal! 

Wear to a festival, around the house, or as apart of everyday wear. Our range of fashion tights and stockings are designed to be versatile, sexy and highly practical. 

Leg Avenue Australia offers a huge range of tights and stockings as well as various other women's fashion accessories. You can potentially establish a unique and charming outfit by mixing and matching various fashion accessories pieces together. Browse through our online store and find something that stands out to you.

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