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Take up the role of a crime-fighting heroine, your superpower? To look extremely sexy! Our range of superhero costumes transforms your look by combining superhero themes with Leg Avenue style. Create your own league of superheroes, our collection includes a vast amount of themes catering to all kinds of different styles and designs. 

Leg Avenue Australia knows what makes female superhero costumes sexy. Everybody loves to dress up in a superhero costume from time to time, however, our range is like no other. Captivate those around you with our highly erotic catgirl costumes, each designed to compliment your elegant figure. Or if you're one for a more traditional superhero look with a pinch of elegance, then our comic book hero costume will most definitely suit your style.

Forget about having a secret identity, our superhero costumes are more about sexy style rather than concealing your appearance. 

Play the part of a superhero and look sexy while doing it... If you're one who favours a naughty persona, Leg Avenues Australia also includes some sexy villain costumes in our collection. The wicked kitty and trickster costume are the perfect addition to your superhero costume collection. 

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