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Indulge in our range of sexy adult costumes

Leg Avenue Australia aren't ones to shy away from sexy costumes for women. We have a diverse range of high quality themed costumes, spanning from pirates to sexy princesses. Here you'll find our more sexy additions, featuring some of the most erotic designs you'll see on the market. 

These additions are designed to show more than a little skin! If you're keen to flaunt your sexy figure while wearing an iconic and well-designed costume then look no further than Leg Avenue Australia. We guarantee you'll find something that stands out. Whether you're keen to show off your sexiness at a dress-up party, or some after-hours bedroom fun, our array of stunning costumes will most definitely play the part. Go all out and experience high quality, sexy costumes, our range is constantly growing as we're always on the hunt for the sexiest additions on the market.  

Keen to take up the role of a sexy maid? We have something that'll sate your desire. Or maybe you're more interested in becoming a playboy model? Well, we have playboy bunny costumes that perfectly mimick the iconic look of a sexy play boy bunny.

We have a huge collection of stunning women's fashion accessories and items that are designed to match up with our array of costumes. If you want to enhance your bedroom fun, then passing up on these additions would be almost criminal! 

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