Plunder The Seas & Live Freely, Shop Women's Pirate Clothing


These hot pirate costumes come at such a great price that they're almost a steal! Made with high-quality materials with designs that perfectly replicate the look of a stunning pirate wench, these additions of female pirate wear are ideal for those looking to dress up as a kinky pirate for your next costume party. 

A sexy pirate girl costume with our design and style is hard to come by. Not only do we perfectly capture the iconic look of a plundering sweetheart, but we also put our own sexy spin on it. Each of our sexy pirate girl costumes set themselves apart from each other as they have their own unique style and colour.

Our costumes are available in multiple sizes including plus size, they're easy to slip in and out of and the fabrics are very comfortable on the skin. They not only look stunning but also, very enjoyable to wear. Match up with various accessories and costume pieces from our online store. 

Shop Leg Avenue hot pirate costumes and experience what it's like to look like a stunning pirate wench from the high seas. We're eager to share with you a vast and selective collection of sexy pirate additions.

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