Sexy Pirate Wench

Raid & Pillage The High Seas Freely WIth Our Lines of Sexy Pirate Costumes!

Being a pirate means you don't have to play by the rules, but there's always a code to follow. What better way to follow the pirate code than with our long lines of sexy pirate girl costumes. These sexy additions perfectly replicate the classic and timeless look of a sea raiding pillager, but in typical Leg Avenue fashion, there's an erotic twist in its slick and sexy design. 

Dress as a sexy pirate captain to your next costume party, and show everyone how capable you are of dominating the untamed seas! How our collection of sexy pirate costumes can easily be matched up with a stunning pair of fishnet tights and garter hosiery, to further increase the overall sexiness of your stunning appeal. 

We also have many different variations of pirate-themed costumes, such as sexy pirate wenches and Halloween-themed pirates. Whatever your style and preferences may be, we're not sure on sexy pirate costumes for women. Match up with a prop fencing sword and various other pirate-themed accessories, you can even find some additions on our accessory section on our online store. Our costumes are also available in a vast number of different sizes, including plus size. 

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