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Gear up for the 20's. Find the Perfect 1920s Flapper Costume on our Online Store!

A new decade doesn't always have to bring new avenues of fashion, the 2020's are the new 20's and we're keen to reintroduce a timeless classic of womens fashion. 

Leg Avenue Australia houses a selection of stunning 1920's flapper costumes, all mimicking the timeless style of the 20's. If you're one who favours a classical look with a small dose of sexiness then look no further than Leg Avenue Australia. We've selected a diverse array of classical themed flapper costumes, which all have the ability to bring out a sexy persona.

Our range of 1920's flapper dresses include the Roaring Roxy. Can a costume be classy and erotic at the same time? Dam straight it can! the roaring roxy is the perfect combination of sexiness and class. Not only does this addition feature an incredible silver overlay, it's also designed to transform you into a figure of sexiness! Leg Avenue Australia has many other costumes that are capable of bringing out your best features, browse through ou online store to find your style.

So if you're looking for a brand spanking new flapper dress, shop Leg Avenue Australia and grab the latest in 1920's classical fashion! Our online store harbours fashion accessories and items which can properly enhance your uniform. 



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