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Spice up Your Outfit With Some Vibrant Costume Wigs.

We're aware that a wig can make or break a costume. Our collection of unique and diverse costume wigs are constantly growing, and we're keen to share the latest costume wigs online. These accessories go hand in hand with various themed costumes and outfits. Whether you're looking to expand your festival themed persona or adding a touch of elegance to your costume, Leg Avenue Australia's vast collection of costume wigs will most definitely fill the much-needed gap your uniform possesses. 

We have colored mermaid themed wigs, long wavy additions and costume wigs that match up well with some of our already added costumes. One of our favorites, the Mermaid Ombre wig can be paired up with a huge variety of costumes and uniforms.

If you favor costume wigs that are long, wavy and colorful then our range is definitely for you. These wigs replicate realistic additions, as they're each crafted with fibers that put forth a high standard of quality into our designs. 

You're guaranteed to find something that suits your taste. you won't regret adding one of our vibrant and sexy costume wigs to your awesome outfit!     



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